My newest piece of art…

Posted on March 9, 2017

I’m very happy to have finished this piece!  It was one of the harder pieces to print.  Only 5 prints, but the tonality was challenging to get right.  I’ve realized that even when I separate the negs to make individual prints, it doesn’t matter if I print it exactly the same, the tonality always varies from print to print.  Fortunately, I like the effect, it brings a graphic element to my work that I enjoy creating.

Here’s an example of how I cut out the middle to add the middle print.  Was definitely tricky and I can’t get it extremely flat, but I think it’ll do!


Making “Untitled (as of March 2017), Twin Elements


And here’s the final piece.  (Shot with an iPhone).  I’ll get it copied soon.  Thank you to again to Rhea Mccarter Craft for makeup, Chancy Cone for hair, Amy Cooper as my awesome assistant, Courtney and Alexis as the gorgeous model twins!, and of course my own twin, Kat Nowlin.


Untitled (as of March 2017), Twin Elements. 15″x15″. Platinum on vellum w/copper comp leaf. Inquire for price

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