“Fearless” completed

Posted on January 5, 2019

Finished “Fearless” with twin girls Lola and Sofia!  Turned out amazing. This process, platinum on vellum gets easier the more I do it, but I’m definitely wanting to change the aesthetic a bit and diversify my body of work, Twin Elements.

Decided to go with copper b/c it gave it a more antique-vintage look.  The one thing about photographing these finished platinum on vellum prints is that it doesn’t translate the same.  I’m looking forward to having this body of work hang soon!  I have no idea where to go, but a gallery that likes alternative process is my hope.

I also love the Hitchcock-ian vibe this piece has!  Figuring out the girls’ wardrobe was fun, I needed something bouncy and flow-y with a hint of 50’s.  Turned out great.

Rhea McCarter Craft – makeup artist @ ADORE in Austin, TX
Chancy Cone Oliver – hair artist @ ADORE
Christa Blackwood – helped me with lighting and everything else!

“Fearless” is my ode to living life fearlessly, something that can be difficult to do sometimes. I chose to be bold and not let fear be a part of my being. I truly love what I do, and feel grateful every day that I’m able to create in my darkroom.  It is my sanctuary and where I get to put my imagination onto paper. How lucky I am!!!

I also wanted to show that when you have a partner through life sometimes it can be easier to conquer your goals because you have that person next to you. I feel lucky to be a twin.

Here’s the work in progress.  Framing soon.

Fearless, 19″x29″, Platinum on Vellum, Gilded Copper


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